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Making the roads safer, one driver at a time.

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避开 is designed to reinforce safe driving habits for young drivers up to 25 years old. Drivers can record trips, track progress, and earn savings on 国营农场® 汽车pp王者电子官网.

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  • Earn savings with the 避开 program*
  • Discover safe driving habits
  • Watch videos to learn from others
  • Learn in a fun and interactive way

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still participate in the 避开 program. 学习如何

* 折扣 and their availability may vary by state and eligibility requirements. Not all vehicles or drivers are eligible for discounts.


For technical assistance call 888-559-1922888-559-1922. 有问题? 查看我们的 常见问题解答 页面.

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You could 保存 up to 17% if you have more than one policy with 国营农场.1

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Manage insurance and bank accounts, get roadside help, file a claim, and much more.


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开车安全 & 保存TM 移动

开车安全 & 保存 移动 collects basic information about your driving that may earn you a discount and 保存 you some money.


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1 避开 Safe Driver Program availability and eligibility may vary by state. 联系 your 国营农场 agent to confirm eligibility for the program.

Compatible 移动 phone required; enrollment and terms and conditions apply.

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