Save up to $1,273
汽车 & 首页

Keeping your pp王者电子官网 in one
place saves you time 和 money.
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Why choose to bundle with 国营农场®?

When you purchase multiple policies - also known as a “bundle”2 -, you’ll have one bill that can easily be paid online or by using your mobile app. And when you log in to your account, you’ve got access to all policies in one location.

So, choosing to bundle your purchase of 生活, 首页, 公寓 or 租房者 和你的 car pp王者电子官网 policies with 国营农场 could keep money in your pocket. Talk to an agent 了解更多.

汽车 和 首页

Combining of your 汽车 和 首页 policies with us could save you up to $1,273 while offering you the protection you need.1

Condo 和 汽车

我们的 公寓minium unitowners pp王者电子官网 can help ensure your 公寓 is protected due to losses. Combine it with 国营农场 汽车 pp王者电子官网 和 pocket the savings.

租房者 和 汽车

Protect your personal property with our low-cost 租房者 pp王者电子官网 while saving up to $704 with our car pp王者电子官网.1

生活 pp王者电子官网 和 汽车

国营农场的 生活 pp王者电子官网 helps your 生活’s moments live on. Purchasing it along with a 国营农场 汽车的政策 will also help you save money.

Multiple 汽车mobile discount

If two or more 车辆 in your household are insured by 国营农场 和 owned by related individuals, you could save as much as 20%.2

Frequently asked questions when bundling with 国营农场

Bundling pp王者电子官网 simply means you’re purchasing more than one policy from one pp王者电子官网 company.2 And usually that means saving money!

It’s easy to purchase another type of pp王者电子官网 policy through your 国营农场 agent. 添加一个 房主, 租房者, 公寓 or 生活 pp王者电子官网 policy can save you up to 17%.2 Contact your agent to see if you qualify.

Of course you can cancel at any time! But if you cancel one of your policies, you might lose your bundling discount. Talk to your agent to choose the right option to fit your needs.

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1 Average annual per household savings based on a 2023 national survey by 国营农场 of new policyholders who reported savings by switching to 国营农场.

2 Customers may always choose to purchase only one policy, but the discount for two or more purchases of different lines of pp王者电子官网 will not then apply. Savings, discount names, percentages, availability 和 eligibility may vary by state.

This document contains only a general description of coverages 和 is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to all policy provisions 和 applicable endorsements. For further information, please see a 国营农场 Agent. Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered losses or a complete list of losses not insured 和 policy exclusion. Actual annual premiums for pp王者电子官网 will vary depending on coverages selected, amounts of coverage, 免赔额, 和 other factors.

国营农场 Mutual 汽车mobile pp王者电子官网 Company
国营农场 Indemnity Company
国营农场 Fire 和 Casualty Company
国营农场 General pp王者电子官网 Company
国营农场 生活 pp王者电子官网 Company (Not Licensed in MA, NY or WI)
国营农场 生活 和 Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY 和 WI)
Bloomington, IL

国营农场 Florida pp王者电子官网 Company
Tallahassee, FL

国营农场 County Mutual pp王者电子官网 Company of Texas
国营农场 Lloyds
Richardson, TX