Moped, scooter, e-bike & motorcycle differences

找出助动车和踏板车的区别 & 电动自行车——他们需要摩托车pp王者电子官网和驾照吗?

Ease of use, lower gas consumption, less maintenance and nimble size: There are many reasons people might consider motorized two-wheeled options such as scooters, 短距离的轻便摩托车和电动自行车. 在做决定之前, you may want to 了解它们之间的区别 and a motorcycle and to familiarize yourself with regulations governing all four. 更重要的是,如果他们需要 摩托车pp王者电子官网单 or license to ride.



First named because it was a bicycle with a motor (literally a motorized pedal vehicle), 今天的轻便摩托车有一个跨步框架(有或没有踏板)。, small wheels (typically 10 inches) and have a 50cc (cee-cee is moto-speak for cubic centimeter) or smaller motor.

Mopeds generally top out at 28 mph (less with increased rider weight) and may achieve triple-digit gas mileage.


A scooter (motor scooter) has the same step-through frame and smaller wheels like a moped, 但一个更强大的马达- 50cc - 250cc. Scooters usually have automatic transmissions and come with lights, turn signals and horns.

Scooters offer superior mobility with higher top speeds and good gas mileage. For example, 150cc的滑板车最高时速为60英里,最高时速可达70英里, 250cc的摩托车可以达到75英里每小时,但可能不到60英里每加仑. 然而,你可能不能在高速公路上使用滑板车. 与你当地的DMV检查尺寸或马力最小.

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E-bike (electric bikes)

Electric bicycles have pedals, an electric motor and have no more than 750 watts.


  • 1级:当骑手在叫卖时,马达启动. 发动机的最高时速为每小时20英里.
  • Class 2: Same as a Class 1, but the motor can propel the rider without any peddling.
  • Class 3: Same as a Class 1, but has a speedometer and the motor is capped at 28 miles per hour.

如果你认为电动自行车是适合你的,回顾一下我们的一些 e-bike safety tips.


摩托车的独特之处在于它的设计. 发动机和油箱位于驾驶员的膝盖之间. Motorcycles usually have a manual transmission in which drivers need to use a clutch and shift gears. Motorcycles typically have 16-inch tires and the driver sits upright with their back perpendicular to the road.

Motorcycles generally have an engine size that enables them to share the road with other motorized vehicles.


pp王者电子官网范围将取决于你购买的产品. Mopeds, e-bikes and scooters may require liability insurance and each state may differ in their requirements. You may also choose to add comprehensive coverage which normally covers vandalism, theft or storm damage. 联系当地的pp王者电子官网代理人 to confirm.

Homeowners policies may provide a limited amount of liability and coverage for potential property damage or theft for your scooter, electric bike or moped. 但更换成本等标准, cost of parts and size of motor may require them to have a separate policy. Discuss what your homeowners policy may cover for these vehicles with your agent.

Do you need a license?

你所在的州规定许可要求. Check local regulations; they may vary from one locale to the next, and license age and requirements could be different for each motorized two-wheeled option. Your state may offer a two-wheeler education course and/or require a skill's test.

License plates and registration requirements may also be determined by engine size.


如果发动机是49cc或更少, 许多州只要求车辆驾驶执照或驾驶执照. A motorcycle license may be necessary if the moped has an engine capacity of 50cc or more. 请检查您所在州的许可要求.


滑板车的法律与轻便摩托车类似, where scooters under 49cc can be ridden with a vehicle driver’s license. In many states, when the scooter is 50cc’s or more, a motorcycle license is required. 请检查您所在州的许可要求.

Do you need a helmet?

Many states require helmets 对于一定年龄以下的摩托车手. If they aren't required, consider helmet use for you and your passengers for added safety. 检查你所在州和当地的有关头盔规定的法律.


  • Moped and e-bikes: The slower speeds mean it is not legal to ride on highways and is best used for shorter trips around town on low-speed-limit roads.
  • Scooters: 取决于发动机尺寸, these can go faster and might join highway traffic if allowed in your locale. However it may be better to use a scooter for shorter distances rather than the highway since you'd be sharing the road with 更大、更重的车辆 that go much faster.

不管你骑的是什么, motorized riders need to obey the same traffic and safety laws as all other vehicles. 加州等州也禁止乘客乘坐轻便摩托车和电动自行车. In addition, most cities prohibit their use on sidewalks and walking trails. 向你当地的车管所查询你所在地区的任何具体规定.

What about emissions?

While two-wheelers may have better gas mileage, their emissions may be less than stellar. According to Gear Junkie, 2000年代的摩托车产量超过3,一氧化氮增加了1000%超过8,比汽车上的同类多1000%的一氧化碳. 今天,许多是用 重要技术. 如果排放对你来说很重要,在购买之前问问.

如果你想买一辆轻便摩托车, scooter or e-bike, 了解它们之间的区别, 道路规则和你所在州的要求. 也可以考虑和一个 State Farm® agent 关于你的新车最好的pp王者电子官网是什么,它是否 homeowners, motorcycle 或者另一种类型的政策. 别忘了考虑 liability insurance 并了解它可能提供的额外保护.

The information in this article was obtained from various sources not associated with State Farm® (including 州立农场互助汽车pp王者电子官网公司 and its subsidiaries and affiliates). 虽然我们相信它是可靠和准确的, 我们不保证信息的准确性或可靠性. 州立农场不负责, 不赞同或赞同, 隐式或显式, the content of any third party sites that might be hyperlinked from this page. 本信息不用于替代手册, instructions or information provided by a manufacturer or the advice of a qualified professional, 或影响任何适用pp王者电子官网单的承保范围. These suggestions are not a complete list of every loss control measure. 州立农场不保证使用这些信息的结果.

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